Growing Amazing Women

Our Mission is to grow optimistic, resilient, compassionate women who can manage stress, make considered decisions, understand anxiety, have the confidence to strive for their goals, and practice habits for flourishing mental and physical health.

In our beautiful retreats teenage girls learn:

○ Tools to manage challenging thoughts and emotions and sustain patterns of action towards meaningful goals
○   Emotional intelligence principles
○   The prevalence and physiology of anxiety
○   Optimistic thinking skills
○   How to identify and understand what matters most
○   What’s the big deal about mindfulness?
○   Exercise for stress management


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Parent Seminar: Raising Happy Little People

As parents we want to raise happy, persistent, kind, caring children who make good choices, rise to a challenge and bounce back from tough times.

We want them to have the skills and thinking patterns that foster flourishing mental health now, and into the future.

In this seminar you’ll learn how to raise happier, more resilient little people, as well as the tools to help your children work through life’s disappointments and challenges, inside the home and out in the big wide world.

In this seminar you’ll learn:
o how to boost your happiness and why it’s important
o do more for yourself without the guilt
o we’re all in this together
o why emotional intelligence is important, and how to teach it
o strategies to for cooperation with less resistance, less yelling, and a more peaceful home
o happiness skills for kids
o pocket money – how much, how often, and how to spend it wisely
o the power of the family meal
o the science behind screen time
o mindful practices that capture kids’ attention

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